Do you have a friend that’s an author?

Odds are surprisingly high that you do.

Even more surprising is how often people want to help their author friends, but don’t really understand how. Most of the time, it doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it makes a much bigger difference than you may realize.

  • Leave a Review – When someone goes to a book, the number of reviews matter (especially if they have less than 100). You don’t need to write a 9 paragraph essay on the book, just click the star rating and you’ll be helping them a ton.
  • Word of Mouth – Let people know that your friend wrote a book. Maybe you have common friends that hand’t heard about what your author friend did. You almost certainly have friends that your author friend doesn’t know. Mention it to them. At worst, they don’t do anything, but at best, you get a sale for one of your friends and your other friend gets a book they love!
  • If You Have Kindle Unlimited, Read It – Authors on Amazon who enroll in Kindle Unlimited get paid based on how many pages readers look at. If you have KU, it doesn’t cost you anything to read through your friends book, and they will get paid. If you don’t have KU, get a free trial on us here!
  • Use Their Affiliate Links – This is a way to help your friend with basically no effort on your part. If there are links to vendors on your friend’s website (like our link on the bullet point above), they might get a small bonus if you click on that link before shopping. Here’s an example link to Amazon. If you click on that link and shop around, you won’t notice anything different – but Wolf Mountain Publishing would get a small percentage of your purchase (which we – or your friend – would really appreciate).
  • Ask Them How It’s Going – Authors are people and love to talk about their books and progress. You ask friends about their boring day jobs, be a good friend and ask about their book (because their significant other is probably sick of hearing about it). 
  • Buy Their Book – I put this last because it seems so obvious. It is, but when to buy their book may not be as obvious. One of the tips that Wolf Mountain Publishing recommends to authors is to run a short 99 cent sale to boost sales, which moves the book up the charts (based on a lot of sales in a single day), which increases visibility, which can lead to more sales.