I’m a writer at heart.

I started learning about publishing because I wanted to publish my own books. I scoured the internet for articles, tools, and resources to help me learn more, but most of what I found was scammy upsellers, spammers trying to game the system, and a bunch of get-rich quick schemes (the kind where you aren’t the one getting rich).

I’m a writer who wants to publish my own books.

It wasn’t easy, but over years, I figured it out and have published quite a few books.

Now I want to help people who feel like I felt.

If you have a book (whether it’s a sprawling fantasy epic, your personal memoir, a family history, a how-to book on whatever you’re proficient in, or even a book you want to produce as an inside joke with a few friends), but don’t know how to publish, we can help.

We can help you publish your book in a weekend, you can hold a physical copy in about a week!

The tools are there, it’s easier than ever to publish your book, and Wolf Mountain Publishing can help.

We can help you get set up with Amazon, we can format your ebook and paperback, we can even build a cover for you!

However, we’re also realistic about what we aren’t.

We aren’t a giant firm with offices in Manhattan. We aren’t a team of graphic artists that do blockbuster photoshoots for covers (though we’re proud of our covers, see our Portfolio). We aren’t a publicity firm that books international signing tours. We can’t do everything… but we can do everything you need to produce your book.

Check out our Portfolio page, look at the books we’ve put out there.

If you’re looking to create something like that, fill out our Contact form and start the conversation.